A&B Vending will customize any service program to suit your company’s specific needs. Our sales associates can assist you in designing a program to achieve your company’s objectives.

Full Service Program

This program provides the service requested by most companies. Full Service is designed for the company interested in having refreshments delivered automatically and made available through vending equipment at competitive prices.

Partial Subsidy Program

This program is similar to the Full Service program, however, it is designed to offer refreshments at a reduced or discounted price to your employees or customers. The company subsidizes the discounted amount they decide on. The subsidized amount is invoiced on a periodic basis.

Full Subsidy Program (Free Vending)

This program provides refreshments free of charge. The company provides the program to their employees and A&B Vending charges the company for any purchases by providing an itemized invoice. We utilize handheld technology to track sales and give you accurate records.

Bulk Delivery Service Program

This program is designed for the company that wishes to offer refreshments to their employees or customers without vending machines. Scheduled deliveries are made based on geographic parameters. Deliveries are subject to minimums.