The latest in self-checkout MicroMarket™ technology, is the NanoMarket™ vending product, Verii©, an in-office snack station for verii-vending-logincompanies with less than 150 employees. The easy-to-use proprietary app allows for employee purchases, inventory tracking, and quick 1-click product re-ordering, all controlled by a company-designated administrator or VIP (Verii Important Person).

Choose from a variety of healthy snacks and popular items that everyone will love. Your employees can choose their snacks and simply buy through the easy app. With a convenient 1-click reorder you can have your items delivered, stocked and set up for your employees to enjoy. You can view your inventory and track the items purchased most to ensure you’re always stocked and ready!

With options for a small market for 20-49 people with a 48″ cooler and a 3 rack shelving unit, and a large market for 50-150 employees including a 74″ cooler and 4 rack shelving unit, we have something for office.

See if  Verii© is right for you.

  • Go to
  • Enter your office zip code and number of employees.
  • Once we’ve confirmed that Verii© is available in your location, create your company’s account in 3 quick steps
  • We’ll help you pick your market size based on how many employees you have.

Easy to get up and running.

  1. Contact the Verii team at 844-VERII-ME or email to sign up.
  2. Assign a Verii Important Person (VIP) to manage your market.
  3. Install a market and invite your employees as users to download the free mobile app where they can immediately start purchasing snacks and drinks.
  4. Manage your market easily with our app. Easily manage inventory and reorder so you always have a full market.

Large Market Dimensions:

64”w x 74”h x 24”d


Small Market Dimensions:

53”w x 48”h x 26”d