Choice Plus Healthy Vending

We are not only committed to providing our clients and customers with product options to lead a healthier lifestyle on-the-go, but to providing the information needed to help make the most informed food and beverage choices.

The Choice Plus program provides a selection of food and beverages that all meet nutritional criteria designed by a team of nutritionists, dieticians, and culinary experts. You can incorporate Choice Plus products into any vending program.

A&B Vending offers Choice Plus as part of our better-for-you full-service healthy vending programs that include:

These wellness programs improve customers’ access to a wide variety of healthy vending alternatives that are great-tasting and fit into a healthy lifestyle.

Choice Plus Snack Criteria?

Nutrients Choice Plus Criteria
 Total Calories ≤  250
Total Fat (g) ≤  10*
 Saturated Fat (g) ≤  3
 Trans Fat (g)    0
 Sugar (g)  ≤  20**
 Sodium (mg) ≤  230

* unsalted nuts, soynuts and seeds exempt
** unsweetened fruit exempt