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Fooda Popup: The Lunch Revolution Is Here

A Boring Lunch is a Sad Thing.

The same lunch options day after day don’t translate into enthusiastic employees. You may have an excellent cafeteria and a few restaurants nearby, but after a while, those same options can get stale. To solve this problem, great companies offer a food program that their employees love and look forward to every day.

We’ve Got Your Variety, Right Here.

Fooda Popup is your in-office rotating restaurant program. We partner with the best restaurants in town, a mix of popular brands and neighborhood hidden gems. A different restaurant shows up at your office daily to sell their food to employees, and you won’t see them again for weeks (unless you want).fooda1

Our Restaurants are Our Lifeblood.

A lot of effort goes into bringing a new restaurant into our network. All of our restaurant partners have at least 3.5 stars on Yelp. We taste test each menu item and enroll them in our critically acclaimed Boot Camp before they’re officially brought on-board. Upon launching at your office, we check in to make sure our restaurants are consistently following standard operating procedures.

It’s not just the convenience factor; employees love local restaurants because of their on-trend menus. Competition is fierce, so restaurant owners have to put their heart and soul into the food they serve, and stay on top of shifting tastes and trends. Just like at a restaurant, you can expect lunch-friendly, made to order and affordable food.



Set it and Forget It.

Fooda Popup takes the stress out of providing an excellent employee food program. No need to worry about what’s for lunch, because we schedule the restaurants. It’s your food program, managed by Fooda. Ready to join the Fooda family?

“Fooda makes my mornings so much easier and gives me more time to eat rather than running around finding something I want.”

Fooda Popup = Happy Employees

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