The Rubi Micro-Café®

Fully automated 24/7 gourmet coffee shop

The Rubi Micro-Café®

The Rubi Micro-Café is a next generation hot drink kiosk that blends industry leading brew and dispense technology with a dynamic touchscreen interface to create a premium branded coffee experience.

Each cup is made using whole beans ground and brewed on demand using a Swiss-made burr grinder and a piston-driven reverse French Press to extract maximum flavor and reduce bitterness. Rubi uses only premium quality 100% Arabica coffee beans, sustainably sourced and roasted to perfection.

With a robust graphical user interface, full beverage customization, and entertaining and informative animations, Rubi changes the way consumers think about coffee from a machine.

Rubi is a great solution for retail college campuses, health care facilities, workplaces, and any other high quality location where good coffee is hard to find. Learn more at


Stylish free-standing design, occupies less than 10 square feet
Grinds and Brews on Demand in about a minute
Extra Large French Press brewer:

  • French Press delivers superior extraction and flavor
  • Paper filter reduces oils and bitterness
  • Large chamber brews up to 20oz in single cycle (no bypass water needed)

Engaging 18” touchscreen interface is attractive, entertaining, and easy to use
Full condiment customization allows customers to fine tune their beverage on screen
Sanitary Lid Dispenser offers once lid at a time
Accepts travel mugs to save paper and reduce waste
Accepts Cash, Coins, Debit/Credit, and promo codes
ADA Compliant touchpad allows full menu navigation
Customers grab their own cup after payment, reducing cup jams and elevating the experience
24/7 wireless remote telemetry provides real time sales and alerts to maximize uptime

Choose From the following menu items:

Rubi Medium Roast: Full bodied and smooth with rich flavor and natural sweetness
Rubi Dark Roast: Earthy tones with cocoa and roasted sweetness
Rubi 100% Sumatra: Full flavored, earthy, rich, and herbal
Rubi Decaf Coffee: A decaffeinated version of our Medium Roast
Café Mocha
Café Vanilla
Café Caramel (Seasonal)
Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal)
Peppermint Mocha (Seasonal)
Hazelnut (Seasonal)
Hot Chocolate

Kiosk Dimensions:

38.4” Width
81.9” Height (79.5” w/front panel removed)
37.6” Depth


5” Behind Unit
36” Front
8” Left Side (Door Swing)
3” Right Side

Water Requirements:

Minimum PSI: 30
Maximum PSI: 80
1/2” waterline terminating at:
3/8” compression shutoff angle valve

Power Requirements:

Dedicated 120VAC 20amp circuit
120 VAC NEMA 5-20R Duplex Outlet

Indoor Locations Only

The Rubi Micro-Café