The OC System by La San Marco

Meet the Next Evolution in Single Cup™: The OC System™ by La San Marco

Now you can help your customers bring a higher level of coffee enjoyment to the office by introducing our evolutionary technology in single cup brewing. It starts with our proprietary brew process that delivers a perfectly brewed cup of coffee every single time.

New Technology

Thanks to advanced brewer technology, this unique beverage experience will create a positive impression with employees and visitors with every sip.


Priced competitively with other single-cup systems, and you’re more in control of coffee spending as the proprietary cartridges only work in The OC System.

Great-Tasting Coffee

Premium, special blends from Segafredo®, Kauai Coffee® and Chock full o’Nuts®.

Environmentally Friendly

Cartridges are #5 mixed-use recycling approved and the  machine has two energy-saving modes: sleep and automatic on/off.

We guarantee that you, your staff and your visitors will taste and love the difference of The OC System by La San Marco.

  • Product Variety—A wide range of coffees including  dark, medium and light roasts, as well as flavors,  to satisfy everyone in the office
  • Convenient Size—Fits perfectly in standard  break-rooms, measuring 14″ x 14″ x 14″
  • Hassle-Free—Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Quiet—Discreet brewer minimizes disruptions in the workplace
  • Fresh, Clean Product—Cartridges are individually wrapped


OC Coffee Machine