The SZ Espresso by Segafredo Zanetti

Bring the Espresso Café experience into the Breakroom with the Single Cup™: The SZ ESPRESSO™ by Segafredo Zanetti

Taking office culture to a delicious new level, the SZ ESPRESSO System by Segafredo Zanetti offers a café taste experience like no other, delivering—right to your workplace—the rich flavor, aroma and creaminess of authentic Italian espresso. Segafredo combined its rich heritage and passion for artisan crafted coffee with an ingenious, single-serve espresso machine design. This Segafredo Zanetti Italian espresso system offers the best of both worlds.
The Difference in the Details

  • Unique brewing design to extract the best possible aroma and flavor from the coffee grind
  • Easy to maintain with a built-in replaceable water filer and easy-to-clean tank
  • The steam wand allows you to froth the milk for popular macchiato, cappuccino and latte beverages
  • Proprietary capsules only fit The SZ System
  • Space-saving, counter-smart design (12.2” L x 14.5” H x 11” W)
  • An exceptional value, appreciated by employees

From cultivating and selecting the finest coffee beans to the art of blending and roasting those beans to perfection, Segafredo is the most famous and most favored Italian espresso brand in the world, preferred by professional baristas in 100+ countries. Now your staff and visitors can experience all of our unique espresso blends every day, right in your work place.

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An even, full-bodied, creamy espresso with the unmistakable flavor of Segafredo Zanetti coffee. 150 (6g) capsules/carton



Smooth, well-balanced, creamy espresso, decaffeinated naturally to maintain aroma and flavor. Carefully cultivated and selected for consistent quality and taste.50 (6g) capsules/carton



Tropical espresso characterized by its strong, fresh taste—full-flavored and fruity, the perfect combination of intensity and elegance. Sourced from the lush vegetation of Costa Rica.50 (6g) capsules/carton



Light fragrance and delicate flavor with superior balance and softness, accented by subtle hints of honey. Sourced from the heart of Brazil’s Minas Gerais, the largest single-unit plantation in the world.50 (6g) capsules/carton



Full-bodied and mature, with fin nuances of chocolate and rich caramel overtones for a delicate, velvety taste. Sourced from the highlands of Peru — an ideal micro-climate for growing coffee.50 (6g) capsules/carton