Douwe Egberts®

The Douwe Egberts® Cafitesse™ Coffee System is a premium coffee solution, perfect for offices with 50 or more employees. Reliable and easy to use, the C60 coffee system dispenses great-tasting, fresh beverages 24/7 at the touch of a button.

100% Arabica Regular, Dark Roast & Decaf Coffee
Whipped Coffee
Hot Water or Tea

Add Douwe Egberts® Cafi-Lait® refrigerated milk to dispense lattes, cappuccinos and hot milk.

Douwe-smart-coffee-logoA single carton of Douwe Egberts® coffee can serve the same number of cups as 50 pots¹ of filter-brewed coffee. This reduces landfill to a single bag and doser, instead of 50 filters + 50 coffee packs + 50 clumps of wet coffee grounds.

On-demand, cup-by-cup dispensing
No stale coffee or water is ever wasted.
Coffee comes in recyclable cartons.

¹ assumes 25% of all brewed coffee is discarded as waste/stale. Experience the Great Taste of Smart Coffee™


The Douwe Egberts® Cafitesse™ Coffee System