Technology Advantage

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our equipment consists of state-of-the-art snack, beverage and food vending machines designed by leading manufacturers.

Our snack and coffee machines are equipped with the latest guaranteed product delivery systems. This unique infrared technology detects whether the vended product has dropped, guaranteeing that our customers either receive their product selected, or the vending machine automatically returns the customer’s money.

On behalf of select clients, A&B Vending utilizes cashless payment systems to improve customer service at the point-of-sale during vending machine transactions.

ePort® from USA Technologies installs easily into your existing cash-only machines, enabling them to accept credit, debit and new contactless cards.

Your employees and guests can make purchases from A&B Vending machines using their credit or debit cards. The following cards can be used with the program: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. All transactions are secure and multiple purchases can be done with a single swipe. All machines are set up to accept dollar bills and coins in addition to the credit/debit card function. (Available to qualified customers only.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if all machines gave bills back as change? Ours does! Productivity. Today, productivity is measured in seconds… and that’s where our bill acceptance speed outperforms every bill acceptor on the market. It establishes credit a full 2 seconds faster than other systems – that means your employees spend less time in front of the vending machine and more time at work or enjoying their hard earned break. Most workplaces have thousands of vend transactions annually, those seconds add up to productivity savings. currenza_recycler-8

Convenience. Your employees expect vending choices to be convenient,including the cash they use to pay for merchandise. With this, they won’t be short changed because they only have high denomination bills. Ever buy a sandwich with a $10 bill from a vending machine? If it does not have a recycler, then you receive all your change in coins – likely about half a pound worth. Our machine eliminates this vending annoyance.

currenza_recycler-2Morale. Our coupon feature is a great tool to increase employee morale. Your workplace can provide a “free vend” coupon as part of your incentive or motivational programs.



Keeps Our Promise as it tracks and reports the service and repair history of your vending machine, One Ticket delivers on two levels. It helps us respond quickly and efficiently to your service calls and it helps you monitor our quality of service. At the end of the day, we all benefit from OneTicket’s successful approach to reducing downtime for out-of-service or out-of-stock machines.

Interfacing with Streamware, A&B Vending’s award winning vending management software, OneTicket logs every step of the machine service and repair process.

How OneTicket Works:handheld

  • Our office receives a service or repair call.
  • The call is logged into OneTicket noting date, time, machine, location and problem.
  • Our technician is notified via text message. Date and time are entered into OneTicket.
  • Repair is completed. Date and time are entered into OneTicket.
  • Our staff will call to notify you of completion.
  • OneTicket generates a comprehensive suite of reports detailing call frequencies, response times and repeat calls by machine, location and your entire account.

Functional Capabilities

√ Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills and returns $1 or $5 to consumers as change.
√ The only 30-note capacity Recycler on the market provides superior protection against bill starvation.
√ High security, non contact bill recognition (inductive & optical).
√ Fastest bill recognition in the industry – 1.7 seconds.

Consumer Features

√ Dramatic blue LED’s attract consumers from across the room and
create confidence with machine functionality.
√ Recycling delivers the “Ultimate Vending Experience” allowing
consumers pay with what is in their pockets and receive notes as change.
√ Superior acceptance rates reduce consumer frustration.
√ Recognition speed reduces transaction time and increases confidence.
√ Coupon capable to generate consumer loyalty and reward programs.

This is a revolutionary payment system that accepts 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s and provides change in the form of bills.



A&B Vending utilizes Streamware and LightSpeed technologies. The handheld unit uses the DEX protocol to automatically exchange data between the device and the machine. This provides more accurate inventory and sales information from the vending machines. This lets us know what sells and what does not.


Route scheduling allows management to proactively set machine service schedules for route drivers. The schedules are sent directly to the handheld computer and provide the route driver with a daily schedule.

Lightspeed is used in conjunction with Streamware to pull and pre-pack products needed to replenish the machine on the next driver visit.

This enables us to cut down on trucks and fuel to help reduce emissions, product waste, while providing a better variety of products for our customers.

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